Try something new today…

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Perhaps you keep driving past that new art studio in town—and when your inner-adventurer thinks, “I must go there,” your inner-practical-person says, “I’m too busy.”

What if we just ignored the practical voice and tried all these new things?

I tried something new, and it turned into quite the experience.

I had never heard of holistic vet care or acupuncture for dogs until my dog needed it several years ago. Now I’m a believer! My dog’s health improved and I’ve naturally become an advocate for holistic therapies.

As if that’s not benefit enough, I also met Dr. Kocen (at the Veterinary Holistic Center) because of trying something new. And a few months ago, when he was ready to start work on the launch of his new practice, he called me for help.

In this case, trying something new helped my dog, opened by eyes, and started a relationship that has now resulted in a collaboration.

It happens all the time.

So, next a time a friend or family member says…

  • Want to join me for aerial yoga?
  • Let’s try that new restaurant where everything is raw.
  • Let’s go zip-lining this weekend!

…step out of your comfort zone and do it! Branch out. The experience may change your thinking (and will definitely introduce you to new people).

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