Case Studies


Big hits and milestones along the way


How do you show your organization’s unique benefits AND connect on a human level? For Federal Hill Eye Care, the answer was a video. Working in partnership with Strategic Design Studio and Richard Anderson Productions, MayesComm did a little digging into their brand attributes and client needs. Together, we discovered that Federal Hill Eye Care was seeing a variety of folks who ordered glasses online but were unsatisfied. Federal Hill Eye Care’s benefits were obvious—human-interaction and in-depth fittings from caring doctors who know you and your eyes!  We wanted to help viewers experience Federal Hill Eye Care so they would feel comfortable making an appointment. Here’s the finished video—let us know what you think.

Time for a makeover…

SIRC celebrated 25 years in 2012, so we decided 2013 was the perfect time for an updated “look”…a makeover of sorts. We started with the logo and supporting collateral materials, then moved on to the website. Working with stellar creative teams, we freshened, brightened and modernized.

The logo — The design evolved from an existing “square” to depict a “building block,” evocative of styrene’s importance in the chemical and plastics industries. The hexagon of styrene’s chemical symbol was also incorporated, and the font closely resembles the original font used when SIRC was first organized. The three-dimensional visual implies SIRC’s central place in the styrene industry and its service and value to members. The bright, eye-catching color palette added vibrancy and lends itself to a more modern look and feel to SIRC’s external “face” and communications.

The website – Our focus on ensuring the new site remains a repository of science and regulatory information related to styrene, only with improved organization and navigation and a modern, contemporary look. Launched in early 2014, the site sits on a WordPress platform to allow for easy updates and management. In addition to an complete edit and update of content, our new identity and color palette were incorporated for fresh appeal. The science and regulatory information take center stage, staying true to our target audiences of policymakers and scientists.




A sense of urgency….

MAPMG wanted to promote the availability of 24/7 urgent care centers at five of the region’s Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers.

MayesComm coordinated the production of a direct mail newsletter – content, photography, printing, and distribution – to showcase the physicians and facilities. The mailer targeted more than 500,000 homes within a 5-mile radius of five key centers.




Presenting a “healthy community”…

The corporate communications department of Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States had a problem: the various divisions within the department were using a hodge-podge of collateral material when meeting with and reaching out to key stakeholder groups. Each division created and used stand-alone pieces, resulting in inconsistent messages and an unfocused impression. There was clear opportunity and need for the development of a new, informational kit to be used for outreach initiatives. The goal for the KPMAS “healthy community” kit project was to create one, unified informational piece.

To reach target audiences of community members, business leaders, policymakers, and media, a tri-fold folder and “stair step” design for the inside material was the recommended solution to present a large amount of information. Building on the Kaiser brand through colors, photos, and “thrive” feel, the award-winning kit reflected important themes of the organization: quality care, technology, diversity, and a commitment to the community.

kp_media kit small-2 Media kit cover-2
Let’s talk about the benefits….

The Community Benefit Department of Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic States does truly awesome work. The big challenge comes in talking about it.

MayesComm worked the KPMAS CB team for three years on multiple projects, but the annual reports for 2010, 2011, and 2012 took center stage…and several PRSA awards.

With vibrant photography, strong brand identity, and clear organization of complex information, the reports creatively tell the story of multi-million dollar investments to improve the health of the communities Kaiser Permanente serves.

coverKPMAS_2012ARcover_Thumbnail KP AR 2011_Page_01KP_MAS_AR 2010 spread-2



What is a breach?

This award-winning brochure (and overall 3-year internal communication campaign) for MedStar Health’s Privacy Department is a star in the MayesComm crown.

The challenge was how to explain “what is a breach?” without using tedious language and legalese. We needed to educate employees in a non-threatening, easy-to-understand manner. Learning by doing is a proven educational technique. We boiled down the critical messages to four common scenarios in health care settings. Through bold, colorful illustrations and a unique fold, the scenarios helped employees understand privacy breaches and how to prevent them.

An initial printing of 20,000 was distributed throughout the organization. Within one month, an additional print run of 5,000 was initiated due to high demand for additional copies. Privacy liaisons, front-line supervisors, and senior leaders throughout the organization provided overwhelmingly positive feedback and anecdotal comments, such as: “employees at every level can relate to and understand it” and “innovative way to capture the attention of employees and provide them with resources to answer questions and report concerns.”

curious cat pic-2shoesBreach bro cover graphicmedStar-bro-2