Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to guide your communications journey


How can public relations help my business meet its goals?

In today’s marketplace, using an integrated approach to marketing is essential to success. Public relations certainly isn’t the only tool you should use, but it is one of the most important ones in the marketing mix. Not only does it promote your company or organization through community and media relations, it can also seamlessly support existing marketing and sales efforts, build buy-in among internal and external stakeholders, allow you to monitor your competitive environment more effectively and help you build your market share through meaningful corporate citizenship activities that benefit everyone involved.

How can supplementing my in-house communications team with an independent consultant benefit my company or organization?

We certainly don’t need to tell you about how taxing the communications function can be to a company’s internal resources. It requires a constant and focused effort by everyone involved. And, many times, those charged with handling communications also have a multitude of other tasks that demand their attention. Working with an independent consultant allows you to strengthen the performance of your internal communications team by injecting fresh ideas and new approaches to the process and lightening their load a bit. Also, for larger projects, an independent consultant can be brought in to devote undivided attention to it—freeing up your time and your staff’s time for other important assignments.

Have you ever done a project for an organization like mine?

Probably so. But, if not, we’ve most likely worked on one very similar to it. Or we can connect you to people who have.

What do you mean by “integrated marketing communications”?

Essentially, making sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. Integrated marketing communications is an approach to take in tying all your public relations, marketing, and internal communications together so that you have a focused effort in meeting your business goals and supporting your organization’s strategic plan.

How do I work with Mayes Communications?

It’s actually very simple. We help clients define their communications challenges and develop customized work plans that specifically address their needs. Want help implementing all or part of the plan? We can do that. Looking for someone to bring a fresh perspective to your communications function, but have the internal resources to implement the plan on your own? That works, too.

Why should I use an independent communications professional and/or a virtual agency instead of a traditional agency?

One of the best reasons for using a virtual agency is that lower overhead and higher productivity result in lower fees for you. But, the benefits don’t stop there. Senior level professionals work on your project at ALL stages of development and implementation. That means you’ll constantly be in the very capable hands of a seasoned specialist. And, perhaps the most important reason of all comes down to something everybody wants: You’ll receive the close, personal attention that you and your company deserve. Learn more about the advantages of hiring an independent pr professional….

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