A sense of fulfillment…

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VHCenter_LOGOtagSTACKED_C_050815I always give 100 percent to my clients—but often, what I get back is more than payment. When the project involves an organization, mission or service I’m personally interested in, payment also comes alongside a great sense of fulfillment.

This happens often because I work with so many healthcare organizations. Even though I’m not providing direct patient care, I’m supporting an organization of people who help people in need—or in this case, animals.

I’ve personally seen the benefits of holistic medicine for my own dogs and cat, which is why my recent project working with the Veterinary Holistic Center has been so energizing.

It’s exciting and fulfilling when work and life intertwine in this way. And I think there are more opportunities for it. Whether it’s actively looking for work that sparks our creativity, or finding ways to connect with the value of our work—work is definitely another avenue to find fulfillment.


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